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How to Make Favour Boxes

by becqua in the Favour Boxes category

When faced with a flat packed favour box for the first time it can seem like a Chinese puzzle, especially the lid as it is just one flat piece of card with loads of pre-scored fold marks. There are also perforated sections that you may think need cutting, but they DON’T. So where do you start?

Let’s start with the base as that is the easiest, and we’ll use a 50mm cube favour box. So what you start with is below: Favour Box Base – Flat. Holding with thumb and fingers on each side of the flat box squeeze your fingers together, this will force out the base making the cube shape. You should feel the base lock, but if not push the base downwards from within with your forefinger. You will then have: Favour Box Base – Pushed Out. Fold in the three shorter flaps pushing the small end tab crease firmly into the bottom edge of the box. Then fold in the longer flap and pinch the top edges so as to get a neat fold, that’s the base done: Favour Box Base – Folded.

Now for the lid: Favour Box Lid – Flat. The first thing to do here is turn the lid face down and pre-crease all score marks, this will help when you come to fold it up. All should be folded up bar the two flaps at the outer ends that fold the other way: Favour Box Lid – Pre Creased. Now starting with the short end, fold in the two perforated bits and fold over the short flap so that the perforated bits are in between: Favour Box Lid – Part Folded.

Do the same for the long end and engage the small lip on the end into the slot on the opposite side of the lid. As with the base pinch the edges to make a neat finish and you’re done with the lid: Favour Box Lid – Folded.

Put the lid on top of the base you are finished: Favour Box – Finished. Now you have the simple task of deciding what to put in it and how to decorate it.

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